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Singer 28K C1901 in the Sun

Singer 28K C1901 in the Sun

Dear Friends and Readers,

Last night I was reading the story of Elias Howe, courtesy of Alex Askaroff.   It is funny how ones attention can be refocused according to event in ones own life. Here is an abbreviated version from Alex Askaroff and his Sewalot site.  Some wonderful sewing machine history.


It caught my attention in a different way this time as my new SIL had the surname Howe.  She just recently tied the knot, here she is a gorgeous looking bride!

Although she is no direct relative to Elias Howe as far a s I know.

I was feeling in a bit of a funk due to lack of sleep (work related) earlier in the week.  I wanted to get my sewing mojo back.  Being outside in the sun, I find, is best for regulating sleep, and inmproving motivation, so this is what I did.

Quilting Patchwork Mojo!

After seeing Alex Askaroff post a similar machine he had just pruchased today, I was reminded of this little beauty I had put away. This gorgeous little 3/4 Handcrank machine is what I am sewing on today!  Usually I am using a treadle but I could not resist taking this machine outside and sewing with this hand crank today.  Hope you will feel inspired too!

More details here..

Singer 28K C1901

I am enjoying the last hurrah of Autumnal sun.  It is beautiful!

I thought I would share with you all the beauty and wonder of a hand crank machine.   This little Singer is a 3/4 size machine.  Somewhat more portable than a lot of antique machines.  Still heavy, but honestly a joy to use in every sense.

I have taken it into it the garden to sew a little …and sun a little.  The afternoon sun is pouring in.  Very unusual for late autumn, but absolutely marvellous.

After deadheading the roses this morning, I am enjoying a vase full of their beautiful scent while I sew.  I only wish you could smell them too.

A hand crank machine is so delightful to sew with.  Lots of control.  Very good for small pieces and narrow hems.

I am adding a few more triangles to this lovely project.  It’s slow sewing.  I won’t be finished in a hurry ! 😀  But that is okay.  I am enjoying the journey.

Flying Geese Antique Style Quilt Tutorial & Made Easy

Inevitably the shuttle bobbin ran out.  Isn’t it always the way!  So here is a very short video of rewinding the shuttle bobbin.

Happy stitching.

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