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Fig Jam

 What’s Cooking?…Fig Jam

Figs are in season!  If one happens, to be lucky enough to have access to some of these beauties, they are wonderful just to eat as they are, fresh or in salads like this

What”s Cooking?..Fig, Rocket and Walnut Salad

Figs are excellent warm or baked too.  Their delicate flavoring, pairing well with cheeses or meat for a delicious savory addition to any meal  like these baked figs.

What’s Cooking? …Baked Figs with Haloumi

However, if the figs are abundant, then it’s possible to preserve them to enjoy all year round Here is my recipe for preserving figs.

What’s Cooking?…Dried Fig Preserves

Today I’m making Fig Jam. This is a very easy jam to make.


3kg of fresh Figs. (or 6 lbs)

2.25kg of sugar ( or 4 1/2 lbs)


Wash the figs. Cut into quarters.

Put into a jam pan or very large saucepan. Cover with the sugar.

Leave to stand overnight 12-16 hours.

Very gradually bring up to a boil.   Once it begins to boil, boil rapidly for one hour.

In the meantime prepare you jars.  Sterilize your jars in your favorite method.  I favor steaming them.

Once the jam is ready and jars are sterilized, use a small jug to decant the hot jam into the jars, seal immediately.