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Disappearing Nine Patch Baby Quilt

Disappearing Nine Patch is a terrific beginner block for quilts.  It is a way to get a quick and variable quilt block.  The layout can be scrappy and chaotic or it can be ordered and balanced.  The array of variation in the way this quilt can look is quite amazing.  It’s all in the imagination.

2012-07-16 18.17.39When a number of prints are used the Disappearing Nine patch quilt can be made to look well like a blended quilt, especially if the blocks are turned haphazardly and the prints are of similar depth of colour and style, which can look really lovely.   Contrary to that a quilt like this can be created which has the appearance of simplicity.  Strong design impact is made by having all the blocks set in the same direction and using solid colours which is more reminiscent of some of the antique Amish quilts.

2012-07-16 18.17.46That was how this quilt was made using a limited colour palette and the Disappearing Nine Patch block.  I used solid Charm Squares (5” x 5”) which I cut myself,  with two block colour variations, and white used for what will become the background blocks, which when sliced are alternated throughout the quilt.  To achieve design balance an extra row of half blocks are added to two outside rows of the quilt.  Change the colours to pinks for a quilt for a baby girl.   Of course this design can be adapted to any size quilt, just keep making Disappearing Nine Patch blocks until there is enough blocks for the size required.

I used the same baby blue for the backing and then stipple quilted it, from edge to edge on a domestic sewing machine.  I made a double edge binding of white and navy to give the quilt a bit of crisp interest at the edges.

My inspiration for this quilt was to make a quilt for a first baby for a lady who is a work colleague.  She and her husband had denied tradition for love and moved to Australia to be together.  When they delivered their first baby I wanted to make a quilt for their new and early arrival, because after all, who can resist a love story!

2012-07-16 18.18.48