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Antique Tile Block Made Easy Tutorial

  Antique Tile Block Made Easy Tutorial

The Antique Tile Block is one which I have always admired, but never quite got around to making.   Its a fabulous block for scraps, and lets face it we all have some.  It is an awesome block on is own or alternated with a plain block, sashings, stars, or on point, really wherever your imagination takes you.  Its also an excellent block for a “Transparency” style quilt due to the overlaid appearance of the block.

According to Barbara Brackman, (Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, 1993) this Block was first published by Nancy Cabot in 1938.  A little more about Nancy Cabot in this link.

Moving on, I was thinking about the Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt and variations of such.

Disappearing Nine Patch Baby Quilt

I was pondering that idea, when I saw something on Pinterest about a Reverse Disappearing Nine Patch, that got my attention.  On further investigation I noticed that “Teresa Down Under” has posted a similar tutorial.  I quickly realised that this is block can easily be made into the Antique Tile Block in a very simple manner.

I’m excited to share this with you today.  This tutorial will give instructions for making 2 blocks at a time.

Block size 13” x 13”

As always all fabrics have been washed and lightly pressed before commencement.


Requirements for 2 Antique Tile Blocks Made Easy

8 of 5” x 5” medium to dark squares (use 2 different prints)
8 of 5″ x 5″ light squares (use 2 different prints)
2 of 5″ x 5″ focus fabric squares (use 2 different prints)

Here is a stack of 5″ x 5″ squares I have just finished cutting.

Method for constructing two Antique Tile Blocks Made Easy

Choose the fabrics for the two blocks as stated in requirements.  From these fabrics, make two Nine Patch Blocks.  Make sure that the  focus fabric is in the centre, and the other two fabrics alternate around the outside of the block.  See images below.
Heres how they will look.  Press the two blocks.  Line up a quilting ruler at the 2 1/2” mark from the edge of the fabric. Cut down that line.  Do the same to the opposite side of the block.  Move those two strips away and cut the remainder two sides also at the 2 1/2” mark from the edges.
Do the same to the second block.
Now interchange the centre blocks.
Attach the short lengths to each side of the centre block, nesting the seams.  Then attach the long sides in the same manner.
There will be some overhang at the ends of the long sides.
 Today I’m treadling on a Singer from 1902.  She’s a beautiful machine!
 Now press the two blocks.  Trim to square.  This is what we have.

Make some more! This will grow very quickly!

I have made two quilt tops now from this block

On the Tiles Baby Quilt


On The Tiles Quilt and Pattern