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Ironing Board Quilt

Ironing board quilt.

Quilts do not always have to be for beds, or tables or walls.  This is my ironing board quilt.  I got fed up with ordinary ironing board covers which slip and slide and show stains and generally look ugly after a time.

imageMy solution was just to make a quilt for the ironing board.  Now you might think this is a lot of trouble to go to for an ironing board and at the time I did wonder myself, is this a bit silly and too much trouble.  No.  In the long run it it great.  I never, and I do mean never, end up adjusting my ironing board cover.  It fits beautifully and never slips.

Psychologically, I never really liked ironing, but the board is now a pleasure to use.  I don’t mind.

Another thing, it may appear that the seams might be a problem.  Again. No.  The seams have never been a problem.  I made it exactly like a quilt based on a templet of the pre-existing cover.  I had some left over 4″ squares of fabric which I seimagewed together then set on point.  I added batting and backing and quilted it with daisies to reflect the floral theme.  Then I made a casing for the cord so I could fit it nice and tight.  I utilised the preexisting cover and padding underneath for extra thickness.  They were still okay but just not attractive.  so they can add to the under carriage with the support of extra thickness.

So think about it, we all have scraps to use.  Beautify your ironing board and utilise your fabric to a very practical project!