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Postage Stamp Blocks

Postage Stamp Blocks

Hello Dear Friends and Readers. Todays post is about using up squares to make Postage Stamp Blocks.

imageQuilters, Post your Stamps!

When you think about it Postage Stamp Quilt Blocks are your Stamp.  They can be a true reflection of the fabric styles you  like and choose.  And the scrappiness and variation in each block, no matter what size or style you choose, is just wonderful.image

Personally, I would never make this kind of quilt block straight from yardage, as it defeats the purpose.  That’s why, if I have leftover fabric, scraps, I like to cut them up, or store into similar sized groups, ready for piecing.  You will be surprised how much variation there is.  The marvellous thing is, no matter what the fabric, they look really great when pieced together.  Over time, blocks can be prepared for a quilt or other quilted items.


My personal favourites are 1 1/2″ squares and 2″ squares.  They be made into any sized block you like.  I tend to use a scant 1/4″ seam and always keep something under the needle so that the machine doesn’t draw the small pieces down.


This is how I do it.

When I sew these blocks, I like to sew them as  a whole block.  For example, if I’m sewing a sixteen patch block, I will begin by chain piecing the first four sets of two.  I don’t cut them apart.  Then I will open the chain and add on the next four pieces, then the last four in a  chain.  The 16 pieces are now connected.  Then I will join each chained row.  This makes it very easy to nest the seams, keep the seam allowance even, and enable same direction of how the seams lay in each row, so they all lay flat and lock into each other.

Pinning is very useful too.  Using as stiletto as they are fed through I find is very good.

imageThis is my basket of 1 1/2″ scraps made from 1 1/2″ scraps and left over Charm Squares.  I find they are great for storing the scraps (and other things.  Pretty, and can sit next to my machine, ready to use any time.

Quilted Scrap Fabric Baskets

So, dear quilters out there, if you like scrappy blocks, take up the challenge of postage stamp blocks.  You’ll be shocked at how many you can make and how little pieces of fabric come together, in what may have been waste, into something really beautiful, which is after all a reflection of you!

imageHappy Stitching,


© Susan Stuklis 2015