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Antique One Patch Block Made Easy

Antique One Patch Block Made Easy

One of the most basic blocks in quilting is a One Patch Block.  Although this may seem basic, the simplicity of it, is really beautiful, to my eye, and so wonderfully achievable for anyone to create.  This is especially important if the quilt is being made to be used, and not just displayed.  Also for those occasions when a quilt is required for someone you care for, quickly, or for a group or charity quilt.

……Or just like comfort food…a comfort quilt…..

Antique quilts afford wonderful inspiration for quilt making. I love the appearance of many antique quilts, and so it was, that I observed an image of an antique quilt, which I immediately recognised had the same components as a Disappearing Nine Patch quilt.

Of course, I was inspired….I hope you will be too.

Any scraps can be used for this project because it’s a wonderful play on light and dark.  In fact, it’s a great opportunity to throw in a few oddments, or even ugly, or unimpressive fabrics, that are at a loose end in your sewing space.  They will easily find a place in this design.

The super marvellous thing, is that the Disappearing Nine Patch, can be used as the basis for preparing these blocks quickly and easily.  The only caveat is, that the fabrics must be divided into light and dark.  Here you can see some of my fabrics and how they are divided into dark or light.

Of course you may use any scraps, but I have “cherry picked” to the extent that  I used mostly pinks/reds, blues and cream/tan/gold prints.

Requirements for the Antique One Patch Block Made Easy

I have used 5” x 5” squares of fabric, but this can be adapted to any size.

Four of 5” x 5” dark fabric squares (all different)
Five of 5” x 5” light fabric squares (all different)



Assemble the Nine squares into a Nine Patch Block.  The five light squares should be in the centre and outside squares.  The four dark squares in between.

Today I’m sewing on this beautiful Singer C1902.    I just love it – even though she has a bit of pin rash and her wonderful gingerbread decals are a bit worn.  Click on the link for more of this girl’s story.

Treadle Tinkering 

Here you can see some of the Nine Patches.  You can see the placement of the light and dark.

Make as many or few as you desire.  The more variation, the better.

Press the nine patch blocks.  Take to the cutting board.  Carefully measure and cut through the centre both vertically and horizontally.

You can see how all the dark blocks have been cut in half.   And the centre has been cut into quarters.  These now become the sashings and cornerstones.

Mix up all the completed and cut blocks.

Now lay out your blocks so they they all follow the same direction.   Make sure no same two fabrics are close together, if possible.

Now they are ready to sew together…….except… I think I’ll make some more…😊

For the full details of the quilt, click on the link below.

Antique One Patch Quilt aka Disappearing Nine Patch

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