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Laundry Love

Laundry Love

“End of Day” Quilter’s Clothesline Laundry Basket and Peg Basket.

Laundry!  Laundry baskets.  Pegs,  Dryers.  Clothesline.  Ironing.  Folding.  Hanging.  Sorting.  Finding.  Clothes Hangers.  Hoists. Carrying.  Storing.  Heaps.  Clothes Baskets.  Repairing.  Mending.  Helping.  Weather!!!!  Rain.  Smells!!!  Bedding.   Linen.  Towels.   Machines.  Stains,  Soaking.  Soap.  Detergent.  Hands.  Gloves.  Bowls.  Buckets.  Nappies.  Washing.  Hand washing.  Smalls.  Chemicals.  Dirt.  Mud!!!  Sports Clothes!!!  Shoes. Costumes.   Dry Cleaning. Shirts.   In the laundry we actually deal with a lot.  Think about it.   More tomorrow……It’s relentless.

I know we live in a modern world and thank goodness for washing machines, and dryers?? (I don’t like them, dryers I mean)  But the reality is  the washing needs to be done.  And, it does matter how its done.  Clothes need to be aired, so, for that matter does the washing machine.  Just because we have modern methods doesn’t mean all corners can be cut.  The washing machine will harbour microorganisms pretty quick if it’s not cared for and aired too.  Clothes WILL stink.    Theres no getting away from it.  there it still a certain amount of time that needs to be spent in the laundry.  There are a lot of flow on effects from good laundry organisation.  These will impact on time, sleep, economics and organisation.

So, what Im getting at is, if you have to be in the laundry, why not make it a happier place to be,  and so I created my “End of Day” Laundry Basket and Peg Basket.  These are made using the same techniques as I have previously described in the free tutorial on “End of Day Quiter’s Basket”.

I think if the laundry is a happier, prettier place, why not!  No one wants to spend time in a laundry which is depressing.  So add a bit of life to your laundry.  Use your creativity to make something you can use.  Time spent there in getting things organised will save you time and money n the long run.

These baskets can be made using the covered clothesline technique previously described.

Free Tutorial “End of Day” Quilters Basket

 End of Day Quilters Basket – Free Tutorial

You need a sewing machine which can sew zig zag to make these projects.   It’s up to your imagination what shapes you can come up with!  So love your laundry and make it a happy place to be.