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Susie’s Garden Lap Quilt – Free Pattern

Susie’s Garden Lap Quilt.  Free Pattern.

Most of the quits I have made are just for love and I have given them away but, this is one quilt which I made for myself.  It is not fancy or difficult but I love it.

I just adore florals and so for a long time I collected ones that I liked.  I sewed squares of them together to represent a floral garden.

This quilt has travelled with me, it’s on my lap when I’m watching TV (or catching a few zzzz) I feel happy under it.

I just love utilitarian quilts which can be used and loved.

This quilt is a simple construction and  it is lap sized.  Would also make a great gift or charity quilt or one you really neeeeed for yourself.

Finished quilt size 44″ x 55″.

Instructions to make Susies Garden Lap Quilt

All seams based on 1/4″.

All fabrics have been washed and lightly pressed before use.

You will need 80 of 6″ x 6″squares of floral fabrics, (finishing at 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″, assuming all seams are based on 1/4″).  The squares will be laid out in a 8 x 10 configuration.

Use at least 10 different floral fabrics to create variation.

imageSew four patches of four squares to make a total of 20 blocks.  Press your blocks.  Ensure no two same squares are next to each other.

Lay out your blocks 4 x 5 ensuring no two same fabrics abut.

Sew the blocks together.  Press.  There is your quilt top.  Quilt and bind as desired.  Have fun using it.