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Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif

Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif

Hello Dear Friends and Readers and welcome to todays post.

In as much as I love to make quilts, sometimes it is nice to make a small project.

In this case it will be like making a little quilt as the base for this project, and then making pockets. I believe it is a delightful project, which reflects the past. However is still very relevant to anyone who likes to sew, or even for someone who doesn’t sew, but does need access to a few notions for a mending or repair job. Of course it can be an excellent addition for anyone who likes hand sewing or for traveling.

I would love to share with you how this project came about. My friend Annie moved here from Sydney a few years ago. Its a big deal to move interstate and there is so much to finalise. When the move was over and she had settled into her new home, Annie was so disappointed to discover that she could not find her sewing basket. It had been given to her by her now deceased mother. You know that feeling…. that pang of distress when you know that you have lost that connection to the past, to someone you loved dearly. She hunted though everything and it was nowhere to be found.

When she relayed this story to me I decided that I would make her a sewing roll. An Antique Inspired Huswif. Annie is not a regular sewer but as I mentioned previously, everyone needs to make a little sewing repair from time to time.

Even soldiers carry repair kits for sewing repairs out in the field. Here is an example from Wikipedia of a huswif from the Civil War

This project is mostly machine sewn, with a little bit of hand sewing for the pockets and binding.

Seams based on 1/4”

Finished size 5” x 19”

Requirements for Sewing Roll Antique Inspired Huswif

One quilted base for the sewing roll/huswif measuring 5” x 19”. Slightly round off the corners of one end.


Make the base for the huswif by using a length approximately 6” x 20” each of a backing, batting and lining. I free motion quilted the piece and them trimmed to size of 5” x 19”

Twelve of of 5” x 5” charm squares

One length of fabric 2 1/4” x 52” for the binding.

One length of fabric 2 1/4” x 36” for the tie

Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif susie’
Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif susie’

Make the Pockets for the Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif

To make the large pockets put two 5” x 5” squares right side together. Sew a 1/4” seam along the top and bottom leaving the sides open. Repeat to make 3 more. Turn to the right side and press carefully. Top stitch to top edges of all four pockets.

To make the small pockets fold the remainder four 5” x 5” squares in half, right sides together. Sew a 1/4” seam along the top edge leaving the sides open. Turn each to the right side and press. Top stitch along the turned seam line to reinforce.

Attach a small pocket to a large pocket by laying a small pocket on top of a large pocket raw sides aligned and so that the folded bottom edge of the small pocket aligns with the bottom edge of the large pocket. Stitch close to the bottom edge through all layers. Repeat for the other three sets of pockets.

Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif susie’

Attaching the Pockets to the Quilted Base

Beginning 2 1/2 inches from the round top of the quilted base, lay the first double pocket, so that the raw open edges off the sides of the pockets, align with the raw edges of the sides of the quilted base. Pin in place. The openings of the pockets should face up towards the rounded top of the quilted base. Hand stitch the base of the double pocket to the quilted base so that it does not show through to the front.

Repeat for the other three double pockets, so that the last one, the fourth one ends up aligning with the base of the sewing roll. Each double pocket will be handstitched at the base in the same way. The last pocket can be machine stitched as it will be contained in the binding. Once all the pockets are attached at the base, then use a machine to stay stitch around the perimeter of the sewing roll to hold all the pockets in place.

Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif susie’

Make the Tie and the Binding Strip

Make the tie by folding the strip lengthwise to the centre with right side facing then fold again in half lengthwise, pin the length and then top stitch all the way round the edge of the tie. Tie a knot at the ends of the ties.

Prepare the 2 1/4“ x 52“ binding strip and fold half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Fold the tie in half making two lengths place the fold at the top of the rounded edge on the outside of the sewing roll, stitching in place .

Attach the binding strip to the outside of the sewing roll taking care of the placement around the top, rounded edges and making sure that the tie will be enclosed. Machine stitch the binding strip in place, joining the two ends. Turn the binding strip to the right side. Now find a nice cosy place to sit and hand stitch the binding to the inside, covering the raw edges of the pockets and quilted base.

Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif susie’

Now you have a beautiful antique inspired sewing roll or Huswif. Fill with whatever sewing notions you would like to use inside the sewing, roll,. Roll up, and hold in place with the tie.

Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif susie’

Christmas is not far around the corner. Maybe you have a special sewing friend that you would like to share one of these Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif.

Antique Inspired Sewing Roll or Huswif susie’

If you have come this far in the post I would like to thank you for joining me today for this project. The good news is that Annie did eventually find her sewing basket from her mother.

Happy stitching to you all.

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