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Tablecloths from Widebacks

Tablecloths seem to have lost some popularity.  Of course there are some to be bought but a lot of them are made from polyester or polyester mixes which I don’t like.  They are inclined to pill, catch threads and develop static.  In short they look shabby pretty quickly.

I recently bought a couple of good lengths of Widebacks, one from Spotlight for only $10- a metre on sale.  The second from the quilt fair which was the last piece she had.  My first intention was to save them for quilt backings.

I changed my mind.

It suddenly occurred to me that they would make lovely tablecloths!  And they do.  Nice tablecloths can be expensive to very expensive.  Making a tablecloth from regular fabric off the bolt is not as good, because it will have to be seamed.  It’s not wide enough.  the Wideback fabric is exactly that – wide – so it is the perfect fabric to cut a cloth from.  This is the lovely Robyn Pandolf Wideback  from the quilting fair.  It ‘s very pretty and the large design is beautiful for a table.

I cut a strip off the side which will be perfect for some  matching napkins too.


Any other leftovers of the fabric can be cut up into pre cuts for quilting ready for another project.  See Previous post “Obsession with Pre-cuts – Make your own charms”.

I can’t give exact measurements for your table, but, measure it and add at least 10″ around to give overhang and allow for seam allowance.  Turn up twice and hem. This really is a marvellous way to enhance your table, especially if it is an unusual size.  I’m now looking at all those Widebacks in a whole new light!