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Charms for Charms Basket

Charms for Charms Basket

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, do you ever have trouble storing some of your precut squares?

Charm Squares = 5″ x 5” squares.  This is the current understanding, however you can choose a different size, if you prefer

Leading on from my previous post, “Obsession with Pre-Cuts – Make Your Own Charms” it’s all very well to cut all this fabric but once all the charm squares are cut, they need some storage place.

Obsession with Pre Cuts / Make Your Own

I made this bag from the 5″ charm squares for easy storage of the charm squares.  It’s like a file.  I can flick through them to find the pieces as required.

I can easily store a few hundred charm squares which are then easily accessible for any quick project.  It’s much quicker to pull some of these out than start dealing with big pieces of fabric when inspiration comes.

I can readily supplement a project I already have going.  Often there will be just that extra piece or two required to finish something.  If I want to try out a new quilt block, I can start straight away!

I constructed this basket using 16 Charm squares.  12 for the body of the basket and 4 for the handles.  Some thin batting and a piece of fabric to line the basket.

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