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Starmania Trip Around The World quilt challenge

Starmania Trip Around The World Quilt Challenge

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

I just can’t tell you how delighted I was, when my friend Ellie Millbank, invited me to join this Starmania TAW challenge, by Brigitte Giblin. A special thank you to you Ellie! I would encourage you to check out Ellie’s absolutely gorgeous hand pieced quilts too on FB or Instagram. I have really enjoyed this challenge. Brigitte Giblin is an Australian quilt maker, who is inspired to recreate antique quilt designs with her own beautiful style and a focus on handpiecing. I have to admit that I have also greatly admired the work of Nancy Horsefall too. Brigitte Giblin has recreated this wonderful crib quilt which is one of my favourites.


I’m always creating my own designs, however, it is really lovely to participate in someone else’s challenge too. Today I’m sharing with you my quilt top and progress of this challenge. This is a hand piecing project. It is such a lovely gentle art to hand stitch a quilt or any other hand stitching, and evening time can be a nice opportunity to do this. Often it is easy to sit on the lounge at the end of the day with nothing in our hands. So even if you prefer to machine piece, this does not really cut into your time, if worked into a time where your hands might otherwise be idle.

Isn’t it amazing, when you think about it, how a whole quilt can be made by your hands with just one needle, a spool of thread, and the pieces of cut fabric. Because it is a Trip Around the World, you can choose and cut your fabric as you go. It doesn’t have to be done all at once. Also you can use fabrics and scraps, from your stash, which I would encourage, rather than buying new fabric. Actually, it is a good way to challenge yourself by choosing only from your stash.

This a wonderful antique style quilt. Quilts with similar construction styles have also been called Lone Star, Star of Bethlehem and Blazing Star to the best of my knowledge.

If you are interested in making this hand pieced project, you can visit her site. You will need to purchase the pattern.


The quilt top begins with a centre octagon, so this is an opportunity to use a special piece of fabric, with a unique design and this may be the focus of the quilt and help you to choose the direction and colours of the quilt top. I’m pretty confident that whatever styles and colours your choose it will be a success. Here is how I started.

Starmania Trip Around The World Quilt

Auditioning some fabrics for the Starmania quilt beginning. I think once the centre fabric is chosen it makes it easier to proceed.

Starmania Trip Around The World Quilt

Here are the first few rows. I just realised that when I started the top the weather was lovely and warm. so its been a slow construction for several months.

Starmania Trip Around The World Quilt

A few more rows and a bit more auditioning. I really like to use some checks or plaids in my quilts. For this quilt I decided to recycle one on my husbands shirts which was just the right colour and lightness that I wanted. You can see the start of that light green check. For more ideas on this subject see this post.

Get shirty

It may seem obvious, but the fabric requirements increase quite dramatically with the last several rows. I had to piece some of the diamonds as I had underestimated the amount of fabric required. But that’s okay.

Starmania Trip Around The World Quilt

It took me some time to figure out what to use for the last row. Eventually I settled on a solid pink. It complements the other fabrics I have used and I had a good amount of it. I didn’t want to be caught short at the end.

Starmania Trip Around The World Quilt

The last row in progress. Then it is time to do the corners. Brigitte Giblin picked a beautiful floral for her corners. As I too love florals, I decided to use one from my stash which I think picks up the colours in the fabrics I have already used. In hindsight, it may have been a brilliant idea to start with choosing the corner fabrics first, then working back to the beginning. 😂

For my quilt, I decided to do a combination of piecing for the edges and a large piece of fabric for each corner. I felt like it needed some framing.

Auditioning the corner fabric.

Starmania Trip Around the World Quilt
Starmania Trip Around the World Quilt susies-scraps.com

Then I pieced the edges for the corners.

Starmania Trip Around the World Quilt
Pieced Corners for the Starmania Trip Around the World Quilt susies-scraps.com

I attached the corners to the previously auditioned corner print which picks up a lot of the colours already used in the quilt. That greeny yellow gives it a bit of spark.

Starmania Trip Around the World Quilt
Starmania Trip Around the World Quilt susies-scraps.com

There we have it. Probably about a year in the making but a lovely journey. I think I might try to hand quilt this one. It seems deserving.

A special thank you to Brigitte Giblin for the pattern and inspiration and to Ellie Millbank for the invitation. 🌸

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Hope you can do some sewing. Have a wonderful day.