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Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, I hope you are all well in this period of staying  home.  How many times is the home the focus of where we should be, of things which are comforting and a place of refuge.  But a home is more than than that, it is a place of self expression and a place of restoration and regrouping.  As a woman, wife and mother, I have always held a high regard for the home.  Homes vary within nations, cultures and styles, but asthetically, I have always had a bit of a love for row cottages  and terrace style house, and so that was what I was thinking about in making a new block for houses.

Before we go any further, I would like to point out that, although I love antique quilts,  I am not really a big fan of the schoolhouse block.  No disrespect, but, its just not my thing.  But, cottages…..ahhh, so cute, so inviting.  Schoolhouses can often seem empty and soulless, maybe that’s it….. just not super inviting.

Which brings me to the block…..lets get real, I don’t really want that to be overly complex, I might lose interest after the first one.  As always, I would like that to be easily made from ingredients which are already available, so let’s do it. We will use up some scraps ans … you have some 5” x 5”  Charm squares?  By the way, this is a great block for using up some odd fabrics, even ones you don’t really fancy that much, they will get a new life in these little cottages.

Block measures 5” x 10”.  All seams based on 1/4” except the chimney which is sewn with a scant seam.

Ingredients for one Row Cottage Quilt Block

2 of 5” x 5” squares

1 of 2” x 4 1/2” scrap (for the door)

2 of 2”x 2” Check or plaid squares for the windows

2 of 2” x 2” plain squares for the background
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block


From the 5” x 5” square which will be the roof and the step, cut a strip 2”wide from one end.  This will be the step.  The 3” x 5” remainder piece will be for the roof.

From the other 5” x 5” square, cut across to make one  strip 5” x 2” piece.  This will be the lintel for over the windows and door.  From the remainder cut two of  2” x 3” pieces, save the leftover 1” strip for the chimney.
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Lay out the pieces like this.
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Construction of the Row Cottage Quilt Block

I recommend  making two blocks at a time.  It’s easy to chain piece.

From the leftover 1” x 3” strip for the chimney cut 1” off the end. The chimney is foundation pieced.  Place the chimney piece wrong side down onto a 2” x 2” background square about 3/4” from one side.
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Sew a scant 1/4 seam. Fold back and finger press .  It should line up pretty closely with the edge of the background.
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Place this chimney block, right side down onto the 3” x 5” roof piece onto the top right hand corner.  The chimney should be on the lower edge, horizontal to the top of the roof.  Sew, diagonally across the corner as you would for a snowball corner.
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Trim the excess and flip back and finger press.  The chimney should now be standing upright.  Sew the other 2” by 2” background to the opposite side of the roof piece in the same manner.

More about snowballs here.

Charmed Nine Patch and Snowball Recipe
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Sew the two check or plaid window squares to the top of each 2” x 3” side walls.  Finger press.
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Then sew the 2” x 4 1/2” door piece in between the two.  Sew the 2” x 5” lintel over the windows and door.
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Now sew the roof to the top of the house and the step to the bottom of the house.
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Press the block.  This one is not pressed yet!
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Now you have made your first Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block!
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

Before you know it, we can make a little village.
Crazy for Cottages Quilt Block

I always have a box of 2” x 2” scraps which are already cut and a basket of 5” x 5” charm squares too which makes it easy to do.

Charms for Charms Basket

These little cottages are rather addictive.  There are so many ways they could be used or set.

I hope you enjoy these Crazy for Cottages Quilt Blocks!  Maybe they will bring some inspiration to your day?

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Happy sewing,

All the best,


© Susan Stuklis 2020