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Rings Eternal Quilt

Rings Eternal Quilt

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, and a warm welcome to today’s post. Today I would like to share the blocks I have been making lately and how they came together as a quilt. I had so many 2 1/2” squares, and I really was determined to use them up. Of course it is scrappy and incredibly simple. But with a good effect I believe. And the good news is that you can easily use up up several metres of your scraps. All the odd ones will fit in too!

My only decision in the blocks was to choose whether my scraps were dark or light. I think this is nice, because sometimes we just like to get to the machine and do some almost mindless sewing that’s relaxing and easy to do, especially when all your squares are cut and ready.

This quilt could really use any scrappy colour away that you choose. Plaids or shirtings would look good for the sashings as well. Only now that I have completed the top, I realised this would be a good design to use for making a memory quilt from shirts or clothing or fabrics you have used in the past. All the scraps will be welcome. So let’s get to it. This is a fun quilt that I think you will enjoy making.

Please read all instructions before commencing.

All fabrics were pre-washed before cutting. To Wash or Not to Wash?….This is the Question

All seam allowances based on one quarter inch.

Finished quilt size 81” x 62”

Requirements for the Rings Eternal Quilt

48 of the Sixteen Across Quilt Blocks are required to make the quilt. Click on the link for the instructions.

Sixteen Across Quilt Block (Make 48 of these blocks)

480 medium to dark value 2 ½” x 2 ½” squares (approximately 2 1/4 yds/mtres) and

288 light value 2 ½” x 2 ½” squares (approximately 1 3/4 yds/metres required to make the 48 of Sixteen Across Quilt Blocks

For the sashings, cornerstones and border

138 of 2” x 8 1/2″ assorted strips in various blues and greys (approximately 2 yards/metres)

50 of 2” x 2” white squares ( 1 fat quarter)

47 of 2” x 2” black squares (1 fat quarter)

Rings Eternal Quilt
Rings Eternal Quilt

Making the Rings Eternal Quilt

Make 48 of the Sixteen Across Quilt Block.

Assemble all requirements as listed above.

Make 12 of the Rings Eternal Quilt Blocks. For this you will need all of the Sixteen Across Quilt Block plus 48 of the assorted Sashing strips and 12 of the white Centre squares.

Use the link for the Rings Eternal Quilt Block to make the 12 blocks. Instructions are in the link.

Rings Eternal Quilt Block
Rings Eternal Quilt Block

Here is how the blocks are looking.

Rings Eternal Quilt
Rings Eternal Quilt

Make the Double Sashings for the Rings Eternal Quilt

Assemble 31 of the 2“ x 2“ black squares, and 62 of the 2“ x 8 1/2″ assorted sashing strips.

Rings Eternal Quilt
Rings Eternal Quilt

Make the double sashIngs by chain piecing. To one end of a 2” x 8 1/2″ sashing strip lay down a 2” x 2 “black, square right side down and sew the seam. To the opposite end of the black, square lay the short end of another sashing strip right side down and sew the seam. Repeat to make 31 double sashing strips.

Press all the Sashing strips

Rings Eternal Quilt
Rings Eternal Quilt

Assemble the Rings Eternal Quilt

To assemble the quilt, layout, the 12 Rings Eternal Quilt Block in a 3 x 4 configuration. Lay the double sashIng strips in between all the Rings Eternal Quilt Block and around the perimeter of the quilt top. At add a 2” x 2” white, square to the gaps in between the double sashing strips 20 will be required.

Rings Eternal Quilt
Rings Eternal Quilt

Sew the quilt top together, beginning with one white 2” x 2” cornerstone and a double Sashing strip, next is a second Sashing strip placed vertically, and a Rings Eternal Quilt Block. Keep repeating until the top is all scaffolded together. See image below. Then turn the whole quilt to complete all the rows in the other direction. ensure that for each seam allowance that all of the seams from the blocks are laying correctly and flat.

Rings Eternal Quilt
Rings Eternal Quilt

Make the Final Border

Use the remainder, 28 Sashing strips and 33 cornerstones to make the final border. Make sure that the cornerstones are alternating in colour from the adjacent cornerstone in other words, black next to white and white next to black.

Press the quilt top and prepare batting and backing.

That’s it. Ready to be quilted. Any questions? You can always mail me at

Thank you for joining me on this scrappy quilting journey.

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Happy stitching,


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