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Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

Dear Friends and Readers,

I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful festive season and are keeping well.  I know I have, but it has been so busy.  I was perpetually in the kitchen creating Christmas fare for the family.  Lots of lovely dishes, but no time to sew…😂

Having said that, my mind has been creating.  I feel very privileged, that my friend Jill, sent me a beautiful stack of reproduction, 30’s era Charm Squares, 5” x 5”.  I could hardly wait to use them!  I decided to challenge myself to make a quilt from those squares.  Thank you so much Jill.  💕 You have inspired me to make the quilt I am sharing with you all today.

If you like quilts from the 1930’s and you are looking for a super quick scrap quilt project, this may be for you.

There is a beautiful “Depression Era” quilt I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest.  It is such an irony, that in times of need during the Great Depression, that some of the most cheerful and delightful quilts were made.  The quilts from the 1930’s typically had large blocks of background space in white or a solid pastel like a homespun,  highlighted with fresh, naive, and often playful prints.

The quilt that has inspired me is actually a string quilt. This would take quite a long time to make.  I realize that we probably all have plenty of fabric strings, however, I thought it would be nice to encompass the idea in a fraction of the time!

All fabrics have been washed before commencing.

Finished quilt size, approximately 65″ x 46″.

Please read all instructions before commencing.  Here we go!

Requirements for the Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

65 of 5” x 5” Charm Squares (each square is different)

2 Yards of lemon/yellow homespun


From the lemon/yellow homespun, cut

8 of 9 1/2” x 9 1/2” squares
2 of 21 1/2” x 21 1/2” squares, cut once on each diagional to reveal 8 setting triangles (you will use only 6 of these)
2 of 15” x 15” squares, cut once on the diagional to reveal 4 corner triangles.


Instructions for piecing the Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

Join together pairs of the Charm squares.  Make 8 pairs.  Sew the pairs to one side of all of the 9 1/2” x 9 1/2” homespun squares.

Sew sets of the the Charm Squares into rows of three.  Sew 14 sets.

Sew a set of the three charm squares to each side of seven of the homespun squares with the previously sewn 2 Charm squares added.  Leave one as is.

Today Im sewing on a Singer 201k treadle.

Singer 201K Treadle C1947

Press all the seams away from the yellow, this will give a lovely clean look when it comes time to quilt the top.

Take one of the setting triangles.  Add a set of three Charm Squres to one short side of the triangle.  Add four joined Charm squares to the other short side, leaving the hypotenuse of the triangle plain.  It should look like this.

Now lay out the units into diagional rows, including the six setting triangles.  There will be four diagional rows.  The small block with the two charms is in the second row. Sew the four rows together.  Note well;  the orientation of the blocks will be different for the third row.  The above setting triangle will be included at the end of the third row.

Make sure to nest the seams and align the Charm Squares.

Now sew the four corner triangles to each corner.  Be sure to centre them exactly.

Trim the doggy ears.  Gently press.  You are ready to quilt!

Now that was pretty quick, wasn’t it!

Now for the quilting.  This is how I decided to quilt this Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt.

Quilting Hydrangeas

Happy sewing,

Susie x

Oh, by the way, I am so glad that indoor plants are back in fashion.  I made this little Macrame hanging basket, just for fun!

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