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Sugar Plum Fairy Baby Quilt

Sugar Plum Fairy Baby Quilt

Dear Friends and Readers,

The pending arrival of a new baby is always a wonderful inspiration for a new quilt, do’t you think?

I can’t help it!  I just had to make a brand new design for a lovely young woman I work with who will soon be a Mother once again.  I have a preference for antique style quilts and baby quilts which I believe will transcend time and still be relevant as the child grows up.  Hopefully something they can have forever.

My recent obsession is with antique Sugar Loaf Quilts.   This obsession (I’m being honest) led me to thinking about a new and modern way to make an equilateral triangle based quilt…..that doesn’t take me all year to do (ha ha).

So I came up with this quick and easy block!

Susie’s Sugar Plum Block Tutorial

You see. I did have a plan!

Would you like to make one too?

Lets get to it!

Finished size approximately 43 1/2″ x 33 1/2″.  Read all instructions before cutting.

All fabrics have been washed prior to commencement.

Requirements for the Sugar Plum Fairy Baby Quilt

15 of Susie’s Sugar Plum Blocks
1 yard/metre of hot pink homespun 
4 of 2/12” width of fabric  (WOF) strips for the binding
1 1/2 yards/ metres backing fabric of your choice
1 1/2 yards/metres cotton batting


Measure the height of your finished Susies Sugar Plum triangle blocks (Mine are 9 1/2”)

Fold the hot pink home spun in half lengthwise with the selvages aligned.  Cut across the width of the fabric, 3 of 9 1/2” WOF strips (or equal to the height of your triangles).

Ensuring your ends of the 9 1/2” strips are lined up.  Trim a little of the selvage.  Begin cuts approximately 2” from the base of the strip.  (This is because you will use these half-plus triangles for the ends of your strips.  You will not need to cut a seperate border.)  Use your 60 degree mark on your ruler to make the first cut.  Tilt your ruler to make the next 60 degree cut.  Repeat.  Now trim the end of the strip near the fold so that the top is 2” from the top of triangle edge as you did at the base of the beginning of the strip.  Repeat with the other two 9 1/2” strips.  From these cuttings you will use 10 whole triangles and 10 half-plus triangles.

Method of Construction 

Lay out the triangles, alternating with the Sugar Plum blocks into 5 rows as pictured.

Sew each of triangles together, beginning and ending with a half plus triangle, to for 5 rows.

Then sew each row together.  Please ensure that the centres of your triangles line up.   If the ends of the rows are a little “off”, they can be trimmed later.   Press.

That wasn’t too bad was it?

Now you are ready for quilting.  This may help with putting your layers together.

Free Motion Quilting Part 3 The Sandwich

Today I am using my electric Singer 201K to do the quilting, because I had a deadline.  Its pretty fast!

Vintage Singer 201K and FMQ

Today, I am using an all over quilting design to give this quilt a nice texture, but still have some softness, which we like for a baby quilt.  I have modified this design of egg flower quilting.

Free Motion Egg Flower Quilting

I have used 5 petals instead of 7 to make it nice and soft and quick to do.

For the binding, I used one of the fabrics from the Susie’s Sugar Plum Blocks.  It is a perfect match for the blocks.

If you want to make your binding easier, try this tip.

Quick Bind Every Time & Tutorial

So there we have it.  The Sugar Plum Fairy Baby Quilt!

Don’t forget to add a label!

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Have a wonderfully Quilty Day!