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Susie’s Sugar Plum Block Tutorial

Susie’s Sugar Plum Block Tutorial

Oh Boy!  Do I have a lovely new block for you!  So many of you loved Scrappy Pinwheel in a Square!  Scrappy Pinwheel in a Square  Now I have a fabulous triangle challenge for you!  Susie’s Sugar Plum Block.

Hello Dear Friends and Readers!

Just a short briefing on my inspiration for this block, and then we will get right to it.  Antique quilts are always an inspiration for me.  For a long time I have admired the Antique Sugar Loaf Quilts.  If you are not familIar, have a quick look here.  I think they are fabulous.  You will see that the possibilities of setting this block are many and varied.


Antique Sugar Loaf blocks can have many triangles in each block, in varying complexity. This will take quite some time to do.  Today I am excited o share with you my idea of a modern fast method of making a more complex triangle block, which is easy and fast to achieve.  Hence the Sugar Plum Block.  Oh, and there are no weird calculations to make and no special equipment.  Just a regular cutting ruler with a 60 degree line on it!

All seams based on 1/4”.  Let’s get to it!

Each finished block side measures approximately 11”.  The depth of each finished block is approximately 9 1/2’.

Requirements for the block

Two of 10” Width of Fabric strips.  I’m using pinks and creams for my Sugar Plums.  (If you wish to use scraps, they will need to be 10” x 11 1/2” minimum.)  There will be a bit of waste, but that’s okay because it can be incorporated into another quilt.

Please note.  I am making two block sets at a time.  From this, it will yield three Sugar Plum Blocks.


Put the two  of 10” Width of Fabric Strips, right sides together.  One pink and one cream.  (Or colours of your choice.)

Use your 12” ruler.  Line up the top edge of the fabric with the 60 degree line.  Cut along the edge.

Turn the ruler anticlockwise, just enough so that the 60 degree line now sits on the newly cut edge and lining up with the top corner so that it makes a 60 degree equilateral  triangle.

To make the next triangle turn the ruler a little clockwise, so that the 60 degree line now lines up with the top edge of the fabric again and the corner of the triangle.  Continue for as many triangles as you wish to make.  Each side of the triangle will measure approximately 11 1/2”.

Take a triangle set to the machine, right sides together.  Pin at regular intervals.  Sew a 1/4” seam all around the perimeter of the triangle.

Take the sewn triangles to the cutting board.  Line up the ruler with one side so that it is level with that side and pointed exactly at right angles to the opposite tip, as shown.  Cut through with the rotary cutter.  Repeat with the other two sides.

Now it should look like this.  You will have six pieces.

Open up each piece to reveal six two sided equilateral triangles.

Press and trim off the doggy ears.  Notice that there is two sets of three mirror image triangles.  Repeat with the second triangle, so that you will have 12 triangles.

Use four triangles to lay out into the Sugar Plum Block.

Sew the together, begin with the centre two triangles, then add the bottom ones, in that order.  Sew together observing the 1/4 seam.  Use pins to make sure that the pieces are correctly lined up.  Be aware that some sides will be on the grain of the fabric and some will be on the bias.  This does give some play to the piecing.

Sew the other remainder eight triangles together for two more blocks.  From the Two sets of two triangles, it will yield three identical Sugar Plum blocks.

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