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Quilting Clover Free Motion Tutorial

Quilting Clover Free Motion Tutorial

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

Today I want to share with you an easy free motion quilting design which I have called “Quilting Clover”.  I was hoping to have it ready for St Patricks Day, but I’m a little late.  Nevertheless it is still appropriate.  I have treadle quilted this simplified clover design onto the background areas of this quilt, you may remember here…

Fettered Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern Bordered

All the instruction are available to make this quilt top.

The three leaf clover design is simplified to make it easy to stitch and every now and then I have added a four leaf clover for good luck!  Further down in the post I have made a video so you can see it in progress.

Free motion quilting – Quilting Clover

Here you can see the quilt on the treadle, Singer 31K20.  The design is an easy space filler.  I did not want to quilt over the stars or the patches, just filling the background.

This is how I did it.  I always prepare the design on paper, this will create a memory in your mind which will make it easier to put into practice.  Then I have a practice.

Quilting Clover – Free Motion Quilting

Free Motion Quilting Part 2 The Sewing Set Up

Here is a simple line drawing to show how it is done.  I quilt a clover then three loops.  This helps me to move around and prepare to start the next clover.  Repeat until the space is filled.

Quick Bind Every Time

I’m adding the binding using this Singer 66 treadle and this technique which I posted recently.  As you can see there is no need to pin.  Saves a lot of time.

Quick Bind Every Time & Tutorial

And then I just love to sit down and enjoy the quilt while I stitch the binding.

Quilting Clover Free Motion

The Quilting Clover design adds a nice texture to the background of the quilt.  It is a very achievable design.

Here is the full quilt.

Click on the video to see the quilting in progress.

And…is it not marvellous to have a very happy recipient!  Here is my stepson Henry.  The quilt is a 21st present.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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