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Scrap Spinning Flower Blocks

Scrap Spinning Flower Blocks

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Using scraps is a lot of fun and makes it possible to create very individual blocks and quilts.   Importantly, one can get into sewing something straight away, with what is already available.  By the time you go shopping and come home , the moment has probably passed.  It is nice to go with your inspiration and fabric you already have.  By the way, when I do get any new fabric, I always wash it  first.          There are many chemicals used in the production of fabrics and its saves disappointment of bleeding or shrinking. ….just saying.

To Wash or Not to Wash – This is the Question

Today I want to share with you these Spinning Flower Blocks.  They are so very pretty and a good use for scraps.  Mine are very scrappy, but you could go with a color theme if you prefer.

These blocks are very achievable and can be made with your leftovers of course!

We will jump straight in!

For each block, you will need four of these Uneven Four Patch Blocks.  Click on the link for the instructions.

Uneven Four Patch Block Tutorial

I have made 40 of the Uneven Four Patch.

Construction of the Scrap Spinning Flower Blocks

Scrap Spinning Flower Block size 9 1/2” x 9 1/2”.

Take four of the Uneven Four Patch blocks.  Try to make sure they are all different to each other.  Orientate the narrow strips to the centre.  See how they spin.  You can’t really get it wrong.

Now sew them together, just as you would a four patch.

Pretty sweet, don’t you think?  They look like a big flower!

Here is another one.

Make some more!

The blocks are pictured with these lovely bags.  The link is here.

Patchwork Celebration Bags –  Antique Japanese Style & Tutorial

I have made 10 of these.  I do have a plan.  I hope you enjoy these pretty new blocks.  I will get back to you ASAP with the plan of the layout for these.

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Happy Days!