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String Feeder QAYG Bib

String Feeder QAYG Bib

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, hoping that you are all fareing well.  Sometimes, there just isn’t time to make a whole quilt, or you feel like a quick but satisfying and basically free little project.  This may be the one for you!  Quilt As You Go method means an easy completion of the project too!

Feeders or bibs are great clothing accessories.  Like aprons they are excellent for protecting garments from soil whilst still allowing potentially messy activities to occur.  Feeding can definitely be one of them.  Today I am focusing on fabric strings which are absolutely ideal for this project.  Because of the amount of extra fabric involved in the seam allowances and extra stitching, this makes for a really beautiful, super absorbent  and durable feeder/bib.

I can speak from experience.  They really work well.

Yes!  You can use some scraps!  Take some strings of fabrics and left over batting, which you could easily discard and sew them into something really lovely.  Choose a colour of strings that you like, or mix them up and just go for it.

Makes for gorgeous and practical gift giving.

Here is a link about bibs Bib garment
String Feeder QAYG Bib

Are you ready!  Let’s make some.

Ideally, make two at a time.  This is because you can chain piece the construction and its actually easier than cutting the threads each time.

Now you may be wondering about the pattern.  I have used a brown paper lunch bag for my templet.

Round off the corners of the lunch bag.  Cut out a small scoop for the neckline.
String Feeder QAYG Bib

Requirements for the String Feeder QAYG Bib

The templet as shown above

Backing fabric piece 10” x 12”

Scrap of batting 10” x 12” (I used cotton)

Fabric strings assorted.  At least 10” long each

2 1/2” strip, approximately 40” long for the binding (for best results, this binding should be cut on the bias, this will make for easier attachment.
String Feeder QAYG Bib


Place the 10” x 12” piece of fabric right side down.  Put the batting piece on top.  Smooth out.

Beginning at the centre, put one strip right side up.  Add a second strip right side down, so that the edges line up.  Stitch approximately 1/4“ from the edge.

I am making two at a time.  Makes it easier.

Flip the top string down.  Finger press well.  Repeat with as many strips as you need to fill the space.
String Feeder QAYG Bib

Once the pieces are covered with strips, it should look like this.  All quilted as you go.
String Feeder QAYG Bib

Lay the templet on the finished piece.  Pin well.
String Feeder QAYG Bib

Cut out following the pattern edge.

Fold the binding strip in half lengthwise, wrong side together.  Cut a length approx 7” long for the neckline.

Lay this length along the neckline front, raw edges together.   Pin and stitch slowly 1/4” from the edge.
String Feeder QAYG Bib

Turn to the back.  Pin securely.  Top stitch slowly incorporating the curve.

Trim the ends to line up with he feeder.

Fold the remainder piece of binding in half lengthwise, right sides together.  Find the centre point and line it up with the centre of the base of the feeder, right sides together as with the neckline.  Pin to hold in place.
String Feeder QAYG Bib


Stitch carefully 1/4“ from the edge around the feeder. Turn back to the wrong side.  Pin in place.  Fold the raw edges of the ties in 1/3rd the fold don’t the folded edge to meet the edge so that the raw edges are all incorporated.
String Feeder QAYG Bib

Stitch close to the edge from the end of one tie all around to the end of the other tie.  Trim the ends a little if necessary.  Make a knot at the end of the ties.  Feeder is done.
String Feeder QAYG Bib


Now I have some news.  It’s been a busy time at our home recently and we have a new little grandson.  Here is the dear little soul, wearing one of his new feeders.
String Feeder QAYG Bib

I think he will grow into it! 😉

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Happy stitching,


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